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Beedie Living

Welcome to our client showcase page featuring our latest project, Booklets for Beedie Living!

Beedie Living is a leading real estate developer that specializes in creating exceptional living spaces that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of their customers. They approached us to design and print custom booklets that would showcase their properties in a way that reflected the high-quality nature of their brand.

The Booklets feature a beautiful combination of full-color CMYK printing and two additional PMS colors, which are carefully selected to complement Beedie Living’s brand. The colors create a cohesive and visually appealing design that speaks to the quality of their properties.

The booklets are printed on high-quality paper stock to further enhance their premium appeal. The cover is made from 10PT uncoated cover stock, which has a tactile and organic feel that sets it apart from typical glossy coatings. The interior pages are printed on 100LB uncoated text stock, which offers a beautiful matte finish that is easy to read and handle.

One of the unique features of these booklets is the lack of coating. While most commercial printing projects use some form of coating to protect the paper and enhance the colors, Beedie Living opted for an uncoated finish that allows the paper to speak for itself. This approach creates a natural and authentic look and feel that is perfect for showcasing the high-quality properties of Beedie Living.

Overall, we are proud to have worked with Beedie Living on this project, creating custom booklets that perfectly capture the essence of their brand. If you’re in need of high-quality printing for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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