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Introducing the epitome of sophistication – our Custom Envelopes, meticulously designed for Concord Pacific. This project represents the fusion of elegance and functionality, aligning seamlessly with Concord Pacific’s commitment to excellence in every detail.

Adorned in a rich palette of CMYK colors augmented with the regal touch of Gold Ink, these envelopes are more than just carriers; they are a statement. The design reflects a harmonious blend of contemporary style and timeless luxury, embodying the essence of Concord Pacific’s premium brand.

Crafted from durable 20PT Cover paper stock, these envelopes offer both strength and grace. The premium material ensures the safe transit of essential documents while providing a superior canvas for the intricate detailing of Concord Pacific’s branding.

The Matte coating adds a velvety texture, elevating the unboxing experience to one of tactile luxury. Opt for the opulence of Gold Ink as a feature option, adding a touch of bespoke detailing that makes each envelope a work of art.

Our collaboration with Concord Pacific results in envelopes that go beyond mere functionality, becoming a tangible expression of their commitment to excellence. For those seeking custom envelopes that blend practicality with opulence, our tailored solutions offer an unrivaled touch of sophistication.

Custom Envelopes
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